Steeped in history ‘Boksto 6’ is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site overlooking one of the oldest streets in the historic centre of Lithuania’s capital city, Vilnius. Characterized by baroque and gothic buildings, despite its beauty, the complex has sat vacant for nearly twenty years.

The inner landscaped courtyard is designed and planted as a diagonal ‘magic carpet’ to animate the space. This is the main public area of the scheme, with an adjacent performance space and restaurant, creating a destination for the city. Additional landscaped areas include a secluded ‘spa garden’ and ‘streetscape’ for a residential mews area.

The architectural project combines restoring the baroque and gothic buildings to the original fabric, whilst acknowledging that the scars and the aging of the buildings are a natural asset that should also be preserved, rather than masked over.

Client: UAB OGVY
Architects: Studio Seilern Architects
Status: construction on site